XL Superiority

First, independent innovation superiority
The company’s high dispersion precipitation hydration products production technology in silica domestic leading level. The company technology center is responsible for the new technology, new technology, new product development task, and to technology center is the foundation for building technology industrialization, industrialization of scientific research products as one of the core technology system.
The company with high and new technology for support in off-road tires, engineering, tires, meridian tires, high-end tires, environmental protection, high silicon rubber paint, fodder, pesticide, food, medicine, toothpaste, sole, cable, rubber products, etc grasp the market development opportunity, independent research and development of all kinds in high-grade special precipitation hydration series products, the production silica product has won the general customers trust industry application. As a high and new technology enterprise of “the sea”, relying on new material to enterprise technology center, the independent innovation, the master production high dispersion precipitation a number of core technology silica hydration, the national authoritative organization detection and experts identified, company main product quality in the domestic leading level.


Second, process technology advantage
Most of the current domestic production enterprise of silica precipitation hydration reaction use direct and strong sulfuric acid. The sea can new material “take the lead in using segmented add acid reaction process, paragraphs of reaction time, reaction speed each are not identical, the end product of specific surface area and DBP uptake value control requirements in scope, improve the product quality stability. The company enterprise technology center for the company high dispersion precipitation hydration series products of silica from test to industrialized production to provide effective technical support, for the upgrade of existing products provide the solid foundation. The company absorbs the domestic and foreign advanced production technology, and with the domestic famous inorganic salt research institutions cooperation, and promote the precipitation hydration of production technologies of silica improvement. We specialize in the production of silicon dioxide and precipitation hydration technology innovation, with rich experience and technology advantages, for the sustainable development of the company to provide effective protection.


Three, management team advantages
The company focus on high dispersion precipitation hydration silica series production and technology innovation, cultivating and absorb a group of rich industry management experience management team to the company’s technology, production, management familiar with, rich experience and understand each other, has the very good communication and coordination effect. The company in management, research and development, production of established the trapezoidal mechanism of talents training, and through the regular take turns training, including post skills training, business knowledge training and quality management training to improve the staff both in theory and practice, to form the study management team and has higher business and professional skill staff team.


Four, sales service advantage
Company sales department and customers to establish a long-term and stable business cooperation relation, the market has the strong ability. The company focused on different customer, the different application, and the use of different requirements, and continuously provide the most suitable products and services. The company has a group of technical professionals after-sales service, and in the production of the customer, the problems in the solution in time in; At the same time, the company relies on its technical superiority for some special users with special specifications of the products. The company through the industry publication, the company website, professional exhibition, etc, so as to form a brand publicity and leadership, technical staff, sales people to join team visit the important customer, for advice, communication business, understand market demand information, establish the mutual benefit relations of cooperation. The company according to the different user and application conditions of different provide the most suitable products and services, and the most timely and satisfy the needs of the users. By understanding the downstream user the problems in the practical production, with the enterprise technology center of research and development of the power, looking for solutions to specific to the user, launch specific problem of high value product system, set up in the customer’s high-end brand image and high quality service image.


Five, product advantage
The company is committed to high dispersion precipitation hydration silica series production, the production of silicone rubber, coating with high with radial tires, high performance and high end with environmental protection with high series tires scattered precipitation hydration silica (wave-ray agents) product quality is located in domestic precedents, company produces the sole, cable and rubber products with precipitation hydration silica products in domestic market share).
The quality management system has passed the QA organization to issue ISO9001 certification, CQM organization to issue “ISO9001 quality management system authentication of the domestic and international, domestic and international ISO14001 environmental management system certification”, “OHSAS18001 health and safety management system of professional domestic international authentication products comply with the European Union”, “ROHS directive 2002/95 / EC” standard and subsequent modification instructions in industry segments of the market demand, has a competitive advantage. The company to provide the customers various models of precipitation hydration used by silica raw materials, auxiliary materials are in line with the relevant standards, not ROHS use regulated environment for the customer, the association material use the company’s high dispersion precipitation processing of silica hydration products exported to Europe and America have created favorable conditions. The production of HTV silicone rubber special precipitation hydration silica downstream processing enterprises, silicone rubber supply can be alternative similar imported white carbon black, processing of silicone rubber compound rubber mainly exported to Europe, America and southeast Asia, to fill in the domestic precipitation hydration of silica processing of silicone rubber can’t export of HTV silicone rubber blank, with precipitation hydration silica localization made an important contribution. Company production wave-ray agents series high dispersion precipitation hydration silica quality products up to the international similar product level.